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CAST Living - Tephra

This designer home consists of 290m² of internal living area and 260m² of combined covered and open, accessible roof top spaces, producing a total of 550m² of living and entertaining areas within the building envelope. With its modular design, front to back flow through and double height living areas the Tephra provides large light filled flowing spaces with engaging

views to the external landscaped areas and beyond from all parts of the house. The upper circulation and living spaces open onto the lower living void space producing a mezzanine effect with the overall feel of space and light. Concrete walls and floors are accented with select grade natural timber screens and walls with flashes of colour through natural stone and powder coated or anodised metal fixtures and lights. The result is a state of the art contemporary home that provides a lot more than any alternative for the cost.

Link to CAST Living TEPHRA Video for website: